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(The Psalms of My Emotions) 

ThePofMe (The Psalms of My Emotions) is a  christian ministry for the healing and restoration of the human spirit. 
Out of each trial, there is a testimony, a psalm, that will come out of each and every person that choose to walk with God and and adhere to His guidance and leading via prayer, worship and studying His Word. 

The purpose behind ThePofMe is to heal and encourage others that there is life and purpose waiting after emotional turmoil and pain. With the use of the arts (writing, music, poetry, and dance), ThePofMe's goal is to awaken and touch the souls of the hurt in a way that will heal the heart and reveal purpose. 



Ralinda is an author, blogger, intercessor, and a mouth piece for God's Word on a mission to help heal the broken in spirit through God's creative channels. She is a native of Hammond, Indiana and a graduate from Purdue University with Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio/Television production with a minor in Journalism. 

 In August of 2018, Ralinda published her first book, " The Psalms of My Emotions", where she wrote about her emotional trials, deliverance, and God encounters using poetry and devotionals. After the launch of her book, ThePofMe LLC was established as a ministry umbrella in which a plethora of "God idea's"will be birthed under.


The Founder

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