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A Dance With My Father

Prayer is our connection to God. We commune, worship and converse with God through prayer. Some of my encounters with God during prayer have been explainable. If I told you about them all you wouldn't believe me!


God reveals himself to you on so many levels in prayer. Each experience was tailor made for me! Isn’t that something? Creator of the heavens and earth, the almighty savior of souls has time for little ole me! That is the beauty of communing with God. He can be ruler of the heavens and earth and still have time to create a special moment in time for you, one you will not forget. In fact, It’s in those moments with him that draw me in deeper to a place of worship with him. Which leads me to “The Dance”.

One Sunday after service, me and my family attended another service. We all fell into deep worship and prayer. During this time, I began to feel a dance in my spirit; yes a dance. I began to call out to Jesus “ABBA” ( God as Father). Can you imagine that? My spirit called out to my father. As I began to dance, twirl and be free in him, I could hear him call me “ Mi AMore” ( My Love). Yes, My heavenly Father loves me and he loves you too. His daughters are more precious to Him than any ruby, diamond or pearl. If we allow Him, He gives us a love that no money could compare to or buy.

I think about that dance often. It was like floating in a palace and dancing with the king. It felt like freedom in my spirit. I didn’t care who was watching at that moment, I was with my father having my moment in time with him. I see so many women in this world feeling like they are alone and have no one to talk to or embrace them. If you allow Jesus (ABBA the Father) into your life He will always be there to talk to you, to love you and maybe even invite you to dance with Him; No matter what time of day or night He's there waiting for you.


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