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A Writer's Purpose

What is the purpose of a writer in God’s eyes? The weight of this calling is more than anyone can imagine. To be a willing vessel to all that God would want His people to know on this earth comes with diligence in seeking Him.


As i thought of what to write for this week’s blog entry, my mind could not get out of poetry mode. I decided to flow with it and do something a tad different. I pray that this will enlighten some of you and for any writers out there, know that there is purpose that comes along with your pen.

The peace of God lies within the stroke of my pen. Sometimes it is as if it rolls along the paper with no effort on my part, but completely led by the push of Gods hand on mine. Thoughts that once raced across my mind now have form, ready for anyone that dare to read in order to know the intimate things that I share with God. There is purpose for these words on paper. Purpose for their existence, purpose for their formation, purpose for their…purpose. Purposed to break someone free, see the world through another’s view. Perspective. It is all about how we view things, how we view people, how we view situations that breathe life into every sentence made with God’s push of that hand.

Will God be oh so kind to give a glimpse of His plan so that our perspective turns retrospective and not just introspective. We see what all He will do, what He has already completed, the finished work which is our future and His past. I only pray the pen will give me that freedom. God continue to keep your hands on mine. I want others to read what is on Your heart. What do You have in store for your creation? If they do know what is in store, will they read it? Will they learn to love thy neighbor as themselves, will they love your commandments, will they ever love? Do they know what it is? How powerful it is? Has the description of Your love got lost in translation with greed, power, and money?

I believe the world’s sorrow can be fixed with a pen. The world’s blurred vision can be fixed with a pen. The world’s struggle can be fixed with a pen. The world’s confusion can be fixed with a pen WITH the help of God’s push of that hand. The Bible has already laid the foundation. Who has He chosen to lay the brick with revelation and seal it with the cement of wisdom on top?

These vessels with the push of Gods hand are His scribes. A special tribe of people that trust in His voice. The things we scribes put on paper is nothing of our own. We are only willing to let God use us as a conduit. A channel to carry out His glory and His fire. Some words may sting, some will convict, some will empower, but majority  will truly reveal the Father that we serve.

I am blessed to say that He chose to hold my hand and never let go of it until all the divine ink runs out. Until that time, this thing right here, these thoughts, this rhythm, flow of living waters that run down my right arm, out of my finger tips and on paper is part of my purpose on this Earth.  May lives change, may minds be transformed and spirits revived. My pen has purpose and I thank God for that.

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