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Are You An Empty Life Boat?

We were never fully equipped by God to go through dangerous waters uncapable of helping His people. Are you allowing people to drown out of fear or are you in self preservation mode? What is causing your boat to remain empty?


I love the way that God communicates with me in order to deliver a message. The blog this week actually came from a vision I had in the middle of the day. My hearts desire is to always see others operate in the assignments that God has called them to do. I even become frazzled when I see unused potent potential. Believe it or not, I toss and turn when God brings someone into my mind that may not be operating in purpose. Someone that may have given up on the fact that God has something special in store.

I definitely know where this frame of thinking comes from. Stepping into God's will for our lives is never a seamless transition. The process may seem to try to kill us when it is actually God's hand molding His special clay. His creation. Us. It seems impossible to fathom in our present how we will look in the future after God has worked on us for some seasons and more seasons ahead.

What if I told you that you have all that you need inside of you to complete the task and assignment. What if I told you that you are just as equipped as a life boat is equipped. What if I told you that it is the main reason why you are here. To help save the life of someone else. To help deliver them from drowning in dark, murky, and troubled waters.

Lets get to the vision that God gave me:

God showed me 3 different types of life boats. I knew they were life boats because of the red cross symbols that were painted on them. He showed me a life raft, a life boat, and a life ship. I then saw people crying , screaming, and trying to grab these safety vessels as they sailed through the water. No one was in them and they had plenty of supplies. None of them stopped but went about their way.

God revealed to me that there are many life boats, vessels, that are not intentional in saving others for various reasons. He explained to me that the sizes of the boats were for a specified group of people. The rafts were designated for a small group of people, the boat for a medium sized group of people, and the ship...oh the ship! Was designated for a very large group of people.

The questions that He wanted me to present in this blog is this:

Why are we not saving others?

Why are you self preserving?

Do you now what group you are assigned for?

I have to admit it was sad to see the vision. The ocean was vast and so many people needed help but none of the boats wanted to stop.

Are we so afraid to throw out the life apparatuses in fear of being took under? Are we feeling the unworthiness of being any of these life vessels?

I am encouraged and pressed to ask whomever may read this to discover what is stopping you from this urgent call to save others. This is what being called by God is all about. It is never about us, but all about His people. Can we see this? Are we unselfish enough to embrace this fact?

I pray that this will help us look inward and bring about a submissive heart and mind. There is an urgency in the spirit for the life boats. People are waiting and dependent on the life saving equipment that you have on board.


God Bless.

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