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Budget For Your Purpose

What may stand in between you reaching and getting your feet wet into your destiny could be your spending habits or habits in general. What may have seemed necessary in the former season may be irrelevant in this season. People and various distractions will be unacceptable in this season. It is time to crack down and see what we need to do to budget for our purpose!


What does it mean to Budget for your purpose? Initially in reading the title the reference would automatically be assumed that it has to do with just money and being a better steward over what you have. In this case, money is partially in reference to what I will be addressing.

Going into this New Year of divine favor, connections, and finally making a foot print into destiny, I realize there is much preparation needed. My first initial thing to tackle is to get things done financially. Before the beginning of the year I purchased a ton of books, a couple of planners, a bill organizer, and I can finally put to use a budgeting

notebook (

The Budgeting Notebook for the Fierce- Building Wealth In My Stilleto’s by Tretta Bush)  that was gifted to me the middle of 2016. I vowed that I would get my affairs in order as far as paying off old medical bills, paying off balances so that I can return to school for my master’s degree, and just pretty much keeping an eye on where my money was going. I wanted extra money (needed) to invest in myself! I needed a new laptop, I want (need) to go to various conferences and participate in mentoring programs. This is my year for purpose and there were things that needed to be in alignment first. While I was reflecting on my own preparations for my purpose, it made me think about people that say they don’t have what it takes to start a business, ministry, book, etc.  The question then came into my mind…”Do we budget for our purpose?” I believe some of us need to go through our life with a fine tooth comb to discover where the tangles and naps are. What is stopping the comb from going through?

Let us go through the financial aspect: Are you paying too much for cable? Do you eat out EVERY day instead of making groceries? Do you absolutely HAVE to have your hair, toes, and nails done every week?  Do you really need that Brazilian wavy sew in or the “good eyelashes” with the MAC mascara to go with? I understand the concept of “treating yourself” but are you treating yourself in so much so that you are not treating the purpose for your life seriously?

Fact: Learn the difference between treating yourself and investing in yourself. It’s important.

As I stated before, budgeting for you purpose was not all financial, it also involves how you budget your time.

Non-financial aspect: Are you spending too much time watching television, on social media sites, texting? “hanging- out” with “wanderers” (Thank you Chanelle), sleeping your life away, giving more lip service then you are writing the vision and making it plain? Praying with no action behind it? (Faith without works is dead!), or just plain lazy?

For those that feel that weight of purpose, to the point where you can’t remember when you had a decent night sleep because the vision, the divine plans of God keep on hitting repeat in your brain as you sleep. I urge you to evaluate the things in your life that are holding you from taking the step forward to purpose. A lot of times the reason we cannot move forward in purpose lies in us. We become our own block even with the mundane things that we do day in and day out. When you get the taste and hunger in your mouth for the things of God and what He has for you, everything will deserve a second look to prove if it is absolutely necessary. Invest, invest, and invest in yourself some more! Start small and sign up for a $25 dollar class instead of that $25 meal, listen to entrepreneurs that spit knowledge for FREE on these social media sites instead of listening to your group of mumbling mice friends on a constant basis! It will satisfy those Spiritual hunger pains of purpose in your belly, it will provide the tools necessary to literally run to your destiny and run with it! Budget your life for your purpose and you will be oh so glad you did.

Be Blessed!

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