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But Everybody Else is Doing IT

"But everyone is doing IT", "everyone is doing THAT", "everyone is doing THIS". The distractions and comparison can kill the very thing that God has given you. Will you trust in the vision that He has given you?


One way of burning my perfectly golden buttered biscuits is hearing someone say, "But everyone is doing that". The fact of the matter is that EVERY one is not doing that. Its hard to believe that the 7,800,000,000 and counting people on this earth are doing the same thing. It is even harder to believe that we are even cognizant of what everyone on Earth is doing. I am perfectly aware that it is used as a figure of speech, but isn't death and life in the power of the tongue? The fact that the phrase leaves our lips lets us know that our view around us and the view of the people around us is limited.

Ladies and gentlemen, with that statement spoken out loud we have placed ourselves in a bubble.

Let us go into the figure of speech aspect of the statement. What if "everyone" is doing that thing that God has placed in your heart? What does that has to do with anything at all? Did God really only create one writer, one artist, one fashionista, one influencer, one poet, one preacher, one prophet, one evangelist? The list goes on but you get my point. Common sense tell us that the answers to these questions are a resounding NO.

I believe sometimes we look out of the lens of a judge and jury and only feel that a person of a certain criteria should fit the description. Don't get me wrong, there are indeed copy cats (pray for them) but placing more focus on them offers up a distraction to your own destiny. Now what I am about to say may also come off harsh, but this also exposes our own insecurities.

Do we trust that God has given us something of value just because it may look similar to what others are doing?

We have to remember that anything that we do is not original at all. God is creator of all things so that must mean that He has created anything that we push out into the Earth. How is that perspective?

Now that we have identified and broken apart the "but everyone is doing it" statement. What is stopping you from going boldly into what God has shown you?

I believe for the most part it is fear. Fear of judgement, fear of ridicule, fear that you may be embarrassed, fear that no one will understand you, even fear that you others around you may not recognize the old you when you finally step out.

In the grand scheme of it all, it centers around what people may think. So how do you become bold, confident, and sure about what God has given you? Its easier said than done, but you have to trust God with all you have. You have to trust the Lord with your feelings, your thoughts, your inhibitions and you have to love Him more than you care about the opinions of others. It is merely a decision you have to make and nothing more. No one is ever ready to take such a risk.

Walking out your purpose according to the will of God will be the boldest move you will ever make in your life.

What is the worse case scenario of actually stepping out on faith and living out your purpose? There are none. You may lose "friends" , you may lose people that "loved you" when you were in your place of comfort, you may lose people that only understood you when you were in a small tiny perfectly wrapped pretty box. Is that really a loss?

Your purpose actually did you a favor. It filtered out your hindrances without you putting much effort in. All it required was for you to move forward.

I can't imagine if the people in the Bible, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Christian faith backed down to the opinions of people and compared themselves to what "everyone" else was doing. What if Joseph allowed his brothers to shut him up from telling his dreams. He never would have been second in command to save his bloodline. What if Noah listened to people laughing and mocking at him for constructing a boat that would save his blood line. What if Joseph listened to the people telling him that Mary, Jesus mother, was not fit for marriage. There was such a huge destiny attached and it never required the agreement of people or the comparison of what other's was doing.

I would even say uncertainty, lack of comfort , and the "scratching of heads of people" is a requirement for purpose.

Focus on loving and trusting God more and watch how far you will SOAR. Pleasing Him will be all that you will ever desire and that is the ultimate goal.

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