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Choose to Live on Purpose

A lot of us are wandering around this God given Earth with an empty feeling on the inside that we can’t quite put our fingers on. Why is this job not making me feel the way I want it to, this relationship, this marriage, this ministry?  You may be living just for the simple fact of living. The time has come to start living on purpose. Let us choose to live it!


There are a number of people that are living and breathing right now at this very moment without knowing the reason why they are living and breathing. Yes, it was in God’s will that we were able to wake up this morning and take in breath within our lungs, but He has a reason on why He allows us to do just that. It’s called purpose.

Looking up the definition of purpose brought me to the idiom part of the definition- on purpose, which means, by design; intentionally.

  Which brings me back to the title of this blog, let us replace “on Purpose” with the definition.  Choose to live….by design, intentionally. We have a duty to live and carry out what has been designed by God with intention.  With this being said, Purpose is not necessarily a choice. If we want to gain the full fruits of this life we have to do what we are meant to do.

How do we know what our purpose is? A riddles of the sphinx this question may appear to some, but it is something that can only be accomplished by seeking and establishing a relationship with God first. Your relationship with God will allow you to pinpoint and cause you to focus on what you already do naturally. For example, growing up the thing that I loved to do most was to read and write. I could crank out a story or poem without much thought to it. All I needed was a pen and paper and I would go! It was so natural for me to write, that I assumed everyone else could do the same as well. Could it be that we don’t realize how unique we are? How differently each of us is made? Can we not fathom the “simple thing” that we naturally do, CAN make a HUGE impact in this world?

Rule number 1! We should never underestimate ourselves! God tells us time and time again in His Word that as long as we have Him there is nothing that we can’t do! (Philippians 4:13). As well as writing naturally, I picked up that I am a encourager. I love to push people! I get pure joy out of helping others anyway that I can.

So my purpose: To push and encourage others through writing. I don’t think that is the total picture painted for my life, for we know not the total unveiling on the plans of God, but it is definitely a HUGE step in the right direction. So now these unique questions popped into my mind that quickly was followed up by a God given answer: Will my ideas ever run out? Will I run out of things to write? Will what I have fade away? As long as you are living and breathing your purpose will never run out, you will never loose what you were specifically put on this earth to do. Weird question to think about, but it was one of the fears that I had to deal with. God will not choose you if you are not capable to carry out the task at hand. We put restrictions on ourselves, not God.

There should be no confusion and chaos while living on purpose. Be careful to not split yourself in multiple places in multiple ways. This is a clear indicator that you have yet not found purpose. Splitting yourself in multiple directions will water down the effectiveness of the intended assignment. Just because you may be talented in many areas does not make you purposed in all of those areas.

Again, seek God and remain un-distracted until the answer arrives. Find and start walking in your purpose to fill in those places where you feel that something is missing. When you live on purpose you live in peace. Choose this day that you will not be satisfied until you have fulfilled the purpose that has been predestined for you on this earth. Do not spend another day living on what man thinks you should do, live on YOUR purpose!

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