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Dress to Impress

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

So often we dress ourselves to impress others, we adorn our hair, bodies and faces with great make-up, shoes, stylish clothes and weaves. What goes on in our minds when it comes to picking out those right clothes, shoes and hair that we spend time and money seeking out? Are we looking to surprise, shock, entice or even hide behind the clothes, hair and make-up we choose?


I can remember getting "club ready"! It was a full day event! Hair appointment, nail appointment, shopping at the mall for shoes AND a new outfit? Man!! I'm getting tired just thinking about. All the things I did just to get ready. By the time I got ready, picked up the girls I was tired! Wheww!! All of this was so I could be noticed, feel wanted and to connect with other people. I wanted attention for all of the above reasons and I spent the whole day preparing myself to get it.

As I got older the scenes in life changed but some of the circumstances as to why and how I chose my clothes did not. I see a younger generation of women before me that are following in some of the same trends. I look at them and see a younger me.

How do I tell them? God sees you under the make-up, fancy clothes, shoes and hair. He sees the true you, the bare naked you. God wants you, to see you, like He sees you. That's important, that is what matters.

Lord help us see the true version of ourselves, not the made up, dressed up and covered up versions we portray every day to others. Let us see and reflect the virtuous, wise, and clothed in purity woman of God you created us to be. Let us walk and be seen as true daughters of the King.

Now that is being dressed to impress!


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