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Eve and the Enemy

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Sometimes what is standing between us as women and our purpose are the whispers of the enemy.


Here we are talking about Eve once again! As we learned in the previous blog "There is Something About EVE" Eve was a precious jewel to God and still is! We are the descendants of Eve and unfortunately we are not absent of the repercussions that happened the day that Eve allowed the enemy to persuade her into eating the forbidden fruit.

Now I use "allowed" because Eve gave the enemy permission to enter into her space. She allowed the enemy to converse with her and gave permission for him to tell her what she knew was contrary to what her father instructed.

Ladies, if we are honest with ourselves, we knew better.

We knew better when we entered certain relationships, entertained certain conversations, and entered "situationships". We always look in hindsight and have these awesome epiphanies that often go like this :

"Something told me not to do (enter situation here)"

We know what that "something" is!

It is our Father trying to pull us back to him and come into agreement with the instructions that was first given to us.

I wonder what causes us to listen to a voice other than our Father? Could it be curiosity?

Let us look at the definition of curiosity:

" a strong desire to know or learn something".

Could we simply have such a desire to know and learn something that we are not able to discern whom is teaching us? Jeez!

Who is teaching us the things we know now? Is it God or the enemy?

In scripture, Genesis 3: 1-6 the Bible starts out by describing how cunning the serpent was out of all the wild animals that the Lord God has made. I find it funny that even though the serpent was cunning, it still had the mentality of an animal. Simply carnal. Seeking only what would desire the flesh. We have to be careful of following directions and allowing people with these animal characteristics to teach us as daughters of God.

I believe the serpent already identified Eve as a portal of some sort. She was the door to life. He knew that life had to come from her body. Anything brought to this Earth from now on had to come through her. If he couldn't stop it from coming through her, he sure will find ways to pervert it before its arrival. How cunning.

Imagine what God has placed inside of you to birth whether it be natural or spiritual and what lengths the enemy would go to stop it from coming forth?

The Bible than goes on to state the half-truth that the serpent tells Eve,

"No! you will not die, the serpent said to the woman. In fact, God knows that when you get it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil".

Eve being the daughter, who wouldn't want to be like their Father? Having attributes like her Father, making correct choices like her Father? Out of curiosity, Eve fell for the okey-doke. Did Eve even know what death was? She allowed the wrong thing to twist up what her Father said. When God spoke of death, He meant death of her spirit. She would be separated from her Father. The enemy implied the the flesh, but he knew if he could kill her spirit, God may want to do away with his most precious jewel. After Eve ate some of the fruit, she gave some to her husband Adam and he ate the fruit as well.

How influential Eve was to her husband. How influential we are to those that are around us. Women naturally draw attention, which I believe is why we as women have such a gift to communicate and express ourselves.

So what am I saying regarding Eve and the enemy?

The enemy never breaks into an empty home. Us women are valuable and it should never be taken for granted what we carry and what we are capable of! We bare life! Not only naturally but spiritually! When we travail, we can open doors and birth things in the spirit! God has made us that important! In so much that He calls the church His bride. Wisdom is also referred to as female.

If there is anything that you don't remember, remember this.....

You are precious! You have influence! You are valuable! You are needed! You are a threat to the enemy!

Be careful what and who you entertain. Seek God in everything that you do and entertain. Hold dear and never compromise God's directions and purposes for your life.

God Bless


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