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Get Off Mute!

Is their really a good reason to be silent if its for the good of others?

It's time to un-mute yourself.

So, there were so many things that I wanted to write about today but this subject only seemed right with the weight I am feeling in the spirit and in prepartion to prepare you all of you for my upcoming class next Monday April 25! (register here its free! ("Cast Your Voice class registration" )

Ladies and Gentleman, it is the time to come off mute!

Can I start with me and what kept me on mute for most of my life? Fear. Fear that I was not qualified enough, fear of what people would think, even fear of my own creative thoughts. My mind can take me down a deep slope where I would think of things that I never saw or heard before, it was different. And you know what? No one wants to go through the pain of being "different". You fear that you wont make friends, you will be an outcast, no one will relate etc. Those are the lies of the devil. To be honest and transparent, the longer that I remain unmuted the more the devil does talk. He will taunt you and tell you that none of what you are saying is relevant or important! Especially if it is teaching, healing, and bringing people close to Jesus and assisting in accomplishing their purpose on the Earth.

The lies of the enemy become false when proof and fruit show up.

I get it! It can be rather scary and it is definitely a new territory, but death and life is in the power of the tongue and their are A LOT of people that need reviving with the sound of your voice- Amen?

The Bible verse from Proverbs 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof

is a two fold thing. Often times when we visit this scripture, if we are to be honest we think of what can be torn down using the words that come out of our mouth, but what about what destruction can be made when withholding words? Hmmm.

These are words that could literally help bring life and shed light into and on a person's situation. Sometimes we can get caught up on others receiving us or not receiving us that we forget none of those should be factors in doing what God has called you to do and say.

I have been in this spell of watching a lot of Nigerian Christian based movies and really have received a lot of key nuggets from each one. Recently there was a part in the movie where the person in the movie portrayed Jesus and was rebuking a young man about keeping his covenant agreements with God. He would ask God to do something for him and in return He would bring souls to Christ, give freely of money made etc. and each time He failed on the agreements he made with God. Jesus then told the young man, after the young man told him that he didn't preach the gospel to his friend because He wouldn't receive it, that

the responsibility of the Christian is to preach the Word and the job of the Holy Spirit is to convict.

Often times this stops us from speaking up for God because you may feel rejected for speaking or angry because everyone did not receive what you speak. You may even lose their friendship and you may have the feeling that people are angry with you, but like the man portraying Jesus in the movies stated preach the Word and allow the Holy spirit to basically work on them. Hey, they are not mad at you, let them settle that feeling of being uncomfortable, irritable, and angry with God. You just become an easy target because you are in front of them and it came out of your mouth. (lol)

All in all, this is the season for many speakers to arise!

There are many of you that need to start a podcast, start a women or men mentor group online, start a praying group online, however God has instructed you to do, do it. But, I feel such a weight and rise on the social media platform that is desperately needed. Why not invade the devil's territory with voices of wisdom and healing?

It's time to get pass all of those insecurities and doubts and COME OFF MUTE!

God Bless

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