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Heal First! Why Rejection and Entrepreneurship Do Not Mix

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Could our emotions be in the way of our success? Are we getting "our own" to validate ourselves? Are we depending on our business to give us worth and love us back? The answers to these questions could be doing more damage to our business than good.


Just a warning: This entry for this week may step on a few toes and sting a bit. Not my intention, but I believe this is something that is needed to be brought to the surface. There has been a rise in entrepreneurship within the recent years due to an unstable economy and the ease and access of information to practically do your own advertisment, have your own broadcast, "paste and plug-in" website development, as well as producing and recording your own show (here is the kicker) practically for FREE!

Small investments of time and money can sky rocket you into something our ancestors and parents could only dream of. We are in a beautiful technological age where anything is possible, anything can be achieved with just a laptop, tablet, and a smart phone. Anything is possible including depending on these very things to tell us who we are and how much value we have.

Dont' get me wrong, I am an entrepreneur myself, even though it took me awhile to realize that fact. I just want to do what God wants me to do and that is it! I use to feel funny trying to attach a price to something that I know would be a benefit for others. I still am struggling with it a tiny bit when it comes to future projects and services that I have up my sleeve, but I will never depend on my endeavors and its participants, customers, target audience to love me back or to understand what I doing.

I wanted to write this blog purely out of observation. I observe the frustration from others of not receiving acknowledgement or "support" from friends and family or people that others may have helped or gave acknowledgement (support) to. Right there the motives are off. The "why" has got lost in a sea of emotions.

Why did you get into business for yourself?
Did God give you the vision?
Is money solely the motive?
Is what you are doing truly what you have been purposed to do on this Earth or leading to what you are purposed to do?

I chuckle as God gives me these parables or logic on how to paint a different picture of what I analyze:

Picture going into a department store or grocery store and you pick up a certain brand of lipstick. The president or CEO of Revlon is not standing by scoffing or talking about how you always support Maybeline and how you never buy from them. OR! Ask you why are you spending so much on their brand when your product is much cheaper and better quality OR! Make it obvious and in a passive aggressive way that "you are missing out on the best thing that will ever happen to you" Jeez! Its called choices people! We can't take a person's choice PERSONAL! But when and if we do, there is a root issue...Rejection.

We have to be careful tying in our issues from the past to our present endeavors. If it appears "no one" (because we tend to exaggerate when rejected) wants to buy or is not interested in what you sell, anger and frustration should be the furthest emotion you should feel. This is a red flag that something is wrong and that healing is imperative before you go forward in your business.

Entreprenuers should never rely on supporters, their intent is to have clients and or customers.

When you have supporters you make them responsible for your emotional being. When you have clients and or customers, their choices are simply based on preference and there are NO emotional ties. Here is a tip: you don't start the business for your friends, family and for people to like you or buy from you, you start it to serve a purpose and a need!

How to overcome? Pray. Ask God to heal you fully, ask yourself some tough questions when you feel your emotions get out of wack because of what someone else may choose to do. Ask yourself for example, "Why when someone else decides to start a business that may be similar to mine, why does it make me feel less than?" Lastly, don't take on another thing until you are sure and content in yourself and what you have created and what God has given you.

Whew! now that is off of my chest! I encourage everyone to make sure you are mentally and emotionally stable to enter into the entrepreneurship realm. Though it is rewarding, it takes some tough skin to detach yourself away from what you put your blood, sweat, and tears into. Its a market, not your heart and everyone has the right to make choices without it effecting you. Be the CEO of your heart first.