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Here Comes That Dreamer

Are you aware that everyone wont be a fan of your dreams? There wont always be support, there wont always be understanding, and there certainly wont be an easy process attached to prepare you. Are you ready to endure what the revelation of your dreams requires?


Hello, my name is Ralinda and I am a dreamer.

The idea of dream can be taken prophetically and in a creative matter. Then again wouldn't you say that most creatives create prophetically? A whole other topic for another time.

As for me I am a dreamer in both aspects. God does in fact give me dreams about what to create and for prayer. In growing in God I realized that everyone does not want to listen to what your dreams are. In this instance, I want to speak on what God has caused you to create and reveal unto the world through your dreams.

We can't talk about dreams and not mention Joseph in the Bible. Even though a couple of his dreams were documented in the Bible, this is not to say that Joseph did not have multiple other dreams. It was something about these dreams that pushed him to destiny that were the focus.

Dreamer by definition is:

one that dreams. a: one who lives in a world of fancy and imagination. b : one who has ideas or conceives projects regarded as impractical : visionary. Dreamer.

I swear I love to word study because it brings such revelation and can drive a point right home. A dreamer is a visionary in which one's ideas or projects are regarded as impractical which is not sensible, not realistic. Hence, the struggle for the creative.

Everyone will not understand, people will call you crazy, people will wonder from which source are you getting this elaborate plan from? Its enough that the world does not accept or comprehend your dreams, but its another thing when those of the same faith does not and cannot even comprehend due to internal battles within. Again I point to Joseph. In chapter 37 of Genesis, Joseph tell his brothers about his dreams. These dreams basically portrays that Joseph would have rule over his brothers and his entire family. His brothers then "hated him all the more" after these dreams were revealed, as pointed out in scripture. Which means, they already had an issue with Joseph. On both sides I can see it. Joseph's brothers were born from Leah the wife that Jacob received out of default, but they were older. They were next in line for any promotion or leadership role. Then you have Joseph. First born of Jacob from his wife Rachel, his first pick, whom he worked hard for. This probably was a dream come true! Can you imagine the brothers feeling and knowing the favoritism shown toward Joseph? They had to had felt it from their mothers womb. A feeling of rejection from a mother that was not the first choice and longed for Jacob to love her. Joseph from the womb knew how loved he was.

I am setting up the scene because these are real issues that people may deal with once it becomes time for your dreams to be revealed. When it comes time that you can't hold them in any longer and your brothers would be the likely choice to share in what could not naturally be explained. On Joseph's end I can imagine He was thrilled that the God of Abraham spoke to Him. No intention of bragging, no intention of "showing off" but to share in the miracle of God's voice and His plan.

There are people that will anger at the impracticality of your dreams, the mystery of your dreams. It may aggravate wounds, it may aggravate current hurt for whatever internal fight others may have as I mentioned. But Joseph had to reveal his dreams. This was the start, no matter how messed up it was, of them coming into fruition.

Joseph went to fetch his brothers per his fathers instructions and they saw him coming towards them and grumbled among each other,

“Here comes that dreamer!” they said to each other.
Genesis 37:19 (NIV)

He was thrown in a cistern but his brother Rueben decided and convinced the other brothers that it profits them little to have his blood on their hands so they sold their brother into slavery.

This point of this blog is to encourage you all to not coward down when it comes time to reveal your dreams. I often hear the common complaints of not having enough support, not having backing, not having people whom understand your visions. Just know that if God gave them to you, the backing is on Him. You have to know that if God gave you a dream, He has a plan attached. It may not be how we would like it, or comfortable, but just know that the fact that He revealed it to you, He has given you strength to see it through.

We are often tempted to "pick our people" while we are being molded and processed for the dream manifestation. Allow God to pick the people and the situations that will launch you and I will say this again, that does not mean that it will be all roses and daisies. Joseph had to basically be thrown in a pit twice to ensure that He was ready. To ensure that He would always give God glory on the reason why he had his gift. Joseph's dream came to pass but it wasn't easy. Joseph didn't have any idea that God would make Him second in command of all of Egypt, he just knew that God spoke to Him and to go a little deeper that it would save the blood line that wanted to kill him.

So dreamers, I hope you are ready for the road ahead, the molding, and the preparation. God wont show you the whole entire picture but He will always show you that whatever you go through will lead to somewhere magnificent and will cause impact further than your eyes can see.

Don't be afraid to reveal your dreams.

God Bless