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Hidden Triggers

Some of the reactions that we have in certain situations could very well be from past trauma. Places mentally that we thought were long gone. These triggers can be a detriment to your future if not handled accordingly.


There comes a time in the pursuit of purpose where God molds us and shapes us for the forward direction that we are walking in. Where we are and how we are mentally today will not be the same as we work toward our purpose. This means that all hindrances and traumas will need to be addressed. If not addressed, we will inherently punish someone that had nothing to do with the cause of the reaction. We ruin our opportunities, we waist our gifting's and we ruin God ordained relationships because of the triggers that we never thought we would have. The triggers that come from unhealed wounds of the soul and heart.

Kind of heavy right? Definitely. I see it all the time. Some people try to hide and get over the trauma in pursuit of success like it will be an even exchange or be the restitution for the pain that was experienced. That is just like saying for the families that were a victim of losing a loved one by the hand of another that money would be the ointment to a heart that has been ripped in half. I know it hurts to go back and to unpack some things that you thought were stored away in a safe place. It doesn't take away the fact that it left a wound. A wound so deep that if anyone got close it would make you squirm or even cry out in pain without a hand laid on it.

I know the trauma all so well and the triggers. I healed and was delivered from rejection. The residue sometimes makes it way around, but when I discovered that God had a plan for that all along, it allowed me to be confident even in my weaknesses. Anytime rejection turned its head, I went back to how I felt as a kid. Feeling as if my voice was never heard and fighting internally because of it.

Lets get into the definition of trigger:

: to cause an intense and usually negative emotional reaction in (someone)

Who wants to walk around not knowing when an emotional outburst will come out of them? Walking around like an active volcano waiting to erupt at any moment. You become unpredictable and unstable with no self control. Don't know what will come out of your mouth at any given moment just because we don't want to face yesterday.

Yes, we should not go back and dwell on the past because we can indeed block the flow of blessings and the vision of purpose into our lives, but some things were placed in a box and we brought it with us into a lot of areas in our lives instead of leaving it. This is where we dive deep and take care of the wound that the past caused so that we don't walk around like ticking time bombs ready to blow up on someone. You don't want to blow up on the spouse that you prayed for God to send you because of your triggers. You don't want to not be able to advance in your careers because past disappointments left you faithless. Faithless to the point that you can't receive promotion or think that you are qualified for it. You don't want to pursue that degree because someone hurt you by calling you incompetent.

There is also an opposite effect. The relentless pursuit of a thing to just prove a point to people. To the point that the only thing that fuels you is when someone says that you can't. The fuel should be internal and God driven not trigger driven.

I can go on and on about different scenarios of trauma and hurt because there are many. Your purpose requires that you dig up and shed light on those hidden triggers. What causes you to lash out, what causes you to be negative? Do you even know that you do those things? The thing that I love about the Holy Spirit is that it is indeed a self checker. There are blaring signals that go off when something is off kilter as you take that walk with Jesus on a divine path. The closer you get to purpose the more the things that are not of God lingering on you will be revealed. Don't count it strange when one day you look into the mirror and start asking yourself questions on why you respond to things in fight or flight mode. God is there to answer and comfort you. To disarm and disengage those weapons, those triggers, that are formed to stop you.

Write your feelings in a journal. Evaluate how you could have handled certain situations better. This will ultimately lead you to the root of your wound. Its the season to deal and heal. Are you up for the task?

#God Bless

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