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I Woke Up Feeling like Royalty

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Perfect conditions, materials, and circumstances do not mean you are royalty. So what does define you as being a Queen or King?


I did not intend on writing this blog today and to be honest this topic has been heavy on me for the last couple of days. I have literally a list of things and blog’s in my que that I so desperately would like to put out, but this took rank today (lol)

I woke up feeling like royalty yesterday……

I started to toss and turn throughout the night last night and I heard the word “royalty” over and over in my mind. I took it that is definitely God trying to get my attention. As the morning started to break and the sun spilled so beautifully through my window and filled the room, I started to hear music.

Strings, violins, horns…..It was my alarm

But then God told me “You are royalty”.

At that moment I felt as if I could sit up in my king size bed, clap my hands and order anything into my presence. I felt as if I could open up my mouth and whatever I wanted would appear instantly. I got out of the bed and it seemed as if I was floating throughout the house. Floating to the bathroom, floating to feed my dogs and cat, floating to log in for work and then a question hit me so strongly.

“God, you say I am royalty…but I am living from pay check to pay check and I don’t have everything I want. I am even struggling to pay my car note this month!” I was perplexed on how I was a Queen and was not living like one in the natural.

Royalty by definition is:

Regal character or bearing: NOBILITY
Royal status or power: SOVEREIGNTY

God ministered to me and said “you are royalty by My blood and the authority I have given to you”.

Wow. My mind was blown.

So to wrap up this spontaneous blog and to release the whole point of it all is this…

Royalty is not a look. It is an authority given and you obtain it through a royal blood line.

If you are in Christ, you are ROYAL. No matter what your circumstances are, your situation may be today, the blood of Christ has declared you a Queen or King! A royal title brings about royal privileges. Call those things which are not as though they were!

I am always taken aback when in the movie “Coming to America” (one of my favs!) Prince Akeem wanted to walk up to his parents at the end of breakfast table without the rose carriers throwing rose petals at his feet. The queen then went on to tell him,

“You're the son of a king, why shouldn't
you walk on the petals of roses?”

And then Prince Akeem states,

“But if there were no rose petals,
I would still be the son of a king”.

Remember that no matter how things look and what is going on in your life, if you have Christ you are STILL royalty with or without the “rose petals”.

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