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Its Poetic, But It's Worship

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What is Poetic Worship? What is this whole thing all about? Well, its a God given creative avenue to inspire God given purpose.


The title of this event was deeply inspired by two of my favorite movies, Poetic Justice and Love Jones, but the event is inspired by how I obtained my healing and was directed towards purpose. I obtained my healing through a language that God had instilled in me before i was born, through poetry and music.

My testimony that I poured out into my book, " The Psalms of My Emotions" started with Psalm 27. The moment my eyes laid on those poetic verses my life was never the same. Each trying season of my life seemed to line up with the psalmist and his words.

There is power in poetry and song that created an atmosphere of worship.

So! Why hold all of this to myself? Someone out there is in need of a breakthrough, someone has to be in need of direction and guidance towards purpose! Music is so powerful, words are so powerful, songs are so powerful! Powerful enough to deliver a message of hope to a nation. I may not reach the nation but I can start with my community (smile).

Lets get down to the main guest! Who are Jeronimo Speaks and Jaeden Newman?

Jeronimo Speaks

Based in Southside Chicago, Jeronimo, called Jero’ by his friends, masters and performs poetry with the aim to touch your heart, sparkle knowledge, connect with the Black culture, and enlighten his community.

Jaeden Newman

Based in Northwest Indiana, Jaeden has the heart of a worshiper and is an anointed powerful voice that will soon reach the nations. Here is a clip of his jazzy neo soul version of "Ordinary People" by John Legend.

This is also an open mic event with other powerful poets/psalmists ready to share their gifts!

Seats are almost full! RSVP on while you can and prepare to order yourself some great food from Big City CheeseSteaks , sip some hot chocolate and enjoy this life changing night!





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