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Let Your Light Shine

With all the darkness going in the world we can definitely use some LIGHT! As much as we can get! So what is preventing the LIGHT from shining through? What is stopping your LIGHT from shining through?


I don't know if anyone does not know the famous hymn "This Little Light of Mine". As soon as i thought about the title for this blog, I felt my self singing it.

Everywhere I go
I'm gonna let it shine
Everywhere I go
I'm gonna let it shine
Everywhere I go
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

The hymn seems simple and to the point but it proposes something so much deeper. Why would a song need to encourage us to let out little Light shine? Why would the song motivate you to bring that Light with you everywhere you go?

Well first and foremost that little Light is the Holy Spirit.

I don't want to get too deep into theology but I will give you a little gospel and tell you that Jesus died so that we can set a flame to this world. We are to be the LIGHT with the purpose that is given.

What is that thing that you do well that people can't take their eyes off of you? What is that thing that keeps you up at night? What is that thing that you can't stop thinking about until you create it?

Whatever it is that you are purposed to do, it will bring Light to this dark world because it will produce love, peace, and joy to a world full of violence, hate, envy, and lust.

Why are you afraid to shine your Light?

Because it is rare and different. Love, peace, and joy does not come natural in this world. It actually is pretty supernatural because of how our flesh is made up. It is that Light (the Holy spirit) that makes it possible.

We can become afraid because it comes with opposition and will set you apart from the crowd. I believe a lot of us are in darkness and have not come to that realization until we have encountered the Light. Then we realize what we have been missing all along. Some may strive to get it after being exposed to it because they find that their eyesight has improved OR some may shrink back into their caves because it is what they are use to. The initial view of Light after being in the darkness for too long can be painful. Very few will have the patience to adjust for what is good for them.

Exposing the Light that you have inside produces such warfare in your life that you may not want to sign up for it, but the world needs it!

So, let your Light shine!!! Don't stop for those that shun you for showing it, keep going for those that are pre-destined and assigned to receive it.

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