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Power of the (P)salm

There is indeed power of the Psalm. Healing, strength, and deliverance is indeed waiting for you found in the creatively written words found in the Book of Psalms.

This title was on my mind for a long time. I know the power of a psalm because their was one particular psalm in the Bible that changed the trajectory in my life and it stills guides me till this day. Psalm 27. It helped me birth a book and birthed a ministry. It became the foundation of my purpose on this Earth.

The definition of a psalm is:

a sacred song or poem

In Hebrew the word psalms

[tehilìm] derivates from the root He-Lamed-Lamed that produces the words to praise; to shine, i.e. the root of the Hebrew words for shining and psalms includes instructions for those who intend to sing psalms: the psalmist must flash forth light;

Whoa. Sounds powerful right? Jeez!

So not by definition have I come to know the meaning of psalms in the Bible but by experience. First, let me state that I love music. When I say that, I am just not saying that lightly. I am very sensitive to music. I always say that music and lyrics take your soul to a place uninvited. It enters into our ears and can truly influence us without permission. That is simply why I can't listen to everything especially while the holy ghost is housed inside of me! But anyways, I experienced a psalm in one of the darkest moments of my life. I always had a Bible where I lived but ask me if I ever opened it up! lol. It laid there with dust maybe just signifying that I believed in God but the relationship had not yet been strengthened.

To make a long story short, because the long story is in my first published book "The Psalms of My Emotions", , depression came tumbling down like a load of bricks! It seemed as if nothing was working out and all that I ever wanted just was not happening. To throw a tidbit into this blog without getting off subject, I was caught up in my own expectations and goals and never asked God what He expected from me. Whew! Definitely another subject and topic for another time! Now back to Psalm 27!

I opened up my dusty Bible and that was the first scripture that came into view. The first line hit me.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Is this why I was so anxious for the future? So anxious to graduate from school to have the perfect job? So anxious to get married because I felt that It would repair what was broken inside of my spirit?

Rushing and being very ambitious could be the result of moving out of fear. We don't think of it that way, but often times we feel that we have to get "it" done now or else it will never happen for us.

At that point I wanted to know the Lord, I wanted Him to save me from this dark cloud hovering over my head. My mind literally shut down unexpectedly because I simply couldn't handle the pressure I placed on myself. It was ungodly!

The psalm of David then gave me hope that if I only cry out to Him, the Lord will take care of me and all my worries and fears.

The thing is, The book of Psalms is the only book that made sense to me. It had a language that I could only understand. As years passed on and as I gained an understanding of who I am in God, I understood that this book of poetry and songs made sense because I am a creative writer. Creatives have their own way of putting words together to make things make sense to them. Their way of communicating can sound poetic because their movements even their lips have to reflect the colorful language that resides inside their souls. They can sound "deep" and very intellectual but that is only because of how deep they feel. Plain words just wont do it! lol

This is very well just a start of the series that I will be dealing with this month, so I didn't get too deep into it for this blog entry.

Trust me! I have plenty to speak on the book that changed the trajectory in my life and gave me definition to my assignment.

I hope this blessed you thus far!

Be blessed!

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