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Road to Restoration

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

After being broken, restoration becomes vital for your future. Yes, you may be healed but are you restored?


I am back! I got so comfortable with vlogging that I was starting to neglect my natural gift of writing (blogging). (watch my videos on my Youtube channel!)

I am sitting here typing this out at 10:38 p.m. Nights appear to be the time for a writer's brain to come alive! I love how wonderfully complex creatives are! Routines are boring and planning sometimes can be a bit restrictive.

Anyhow, Let us dive into the road to restoration.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the verb "restore" as to bring back to or put back something to a former or original state

I definitely do not mind being transparent. How else can I help someone else in a similar situation? I have approached a season in my life where I recognized how broken I was, recognized how far I came in my healing, but now I have entered into a space that I could not quite put my finger on. Let me try to paint his picture on how I perceived that I am in a season of restoration.

Imagine a vase broken in pieces and the pieces are glued back together. You would think that would be all it takes? But if you look closely at the vase there are cracks, no matter how good the pieces are glued together. Most people will take the vase to try to get it restored for aesthetics and for efficient use. The vase may even come out looking better than it originally did. Do you have a visual now of how this process goes?

A lot of us are like that vase. We have been glued together (healed) but we still have holes and cracks. If we pour water in it, it has the risk of leaking. It can't be properly used. We need to be restored.

I believe a lot of us skip that step because we are functional but are you truly at your best? Are you "purpose ready"? Are you "destiny ready"?

The road to restoration requires a lot of self reflection and self awareness. On that road you look and dissect every aspect of your life. Your finances, your ministry, your business, and how you take care of your home, etc. You dissect every thing that is attached to you including yourself. You will find out in that reflection if you have truly been restored or if you are just functioning like a cracked vase, having a high risk of breaking and leaking.

God will not allow you to go as far as you need to go in your destiny without restoration.

So if you feel as if something is holding you back or there is a reason why things are not coming together as they should it is because (you) the vessel have

not been restored.

Take the time to allow God to restore you. Don't allow yourself to function in a weakened state. Being healed is a wonderful and imperative place to be, but oh how much you can achieve when you are in a better shape before you were ever broken.


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