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The Dangers of Giving Birth and the Importance of the Midwife

Everyone looks forward to the delivery of a new baby but do we realize how much the mother has to go to through to bring it forth? What dangers will you have to go through to bring forth what God wants you to birth and who will you need to help you?


The birth of a baby...who wouldn't get excited about a new life full of cuteness to come into the world. Its like when that new life comes into the world we quickly forget the pain and the turmoil that it had to go through to get here. Lets touch on the common dangers of giving birth in the natural sense:

  • High blood pressure. High blood pressure occurs when the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the organs and the placenta are narrowed. ...

  • Gestational diabetes. ...

  • Preeclampsia. ...

  • Preterm labor. ...

  • Miscarriage. ...

  • Anemia. ...

  • Infections. ...

  • Breech position.

and the thing that we hate to think about is death. You can actually die while giving birth!

Stay with me! I am going somewhere!

To explain things spiritually I have to break some things down in the natural for clear understanding ( like Jesus...*insert smile*).

As a matter of fact there is a high statistic of a certain group of women that are most likely to die while giving birth and that is the African American population. A significant amount of these cases can actually be prevented! Due to the stereotypes and racism ( the environment) the survival of an African American woman giving birth are lower than any other races in the United States. In researching I found its not simply a class issue but its an environment and support issue.

Now let us hop into the spiritual aspect. God has given you an idea that you can't wait to bring forth. You have been pregnant with it for the term it takes to carry it and now it is time for it to come forth whether you are ready of it or not. How well were you prepared for the birth of it? What nutrients did you take to make sure you had the strength to carry it out. Did you pray? Did you fast? Did you study and meditate on His Word? The prenatal care is just as important than the delivery. You need to be spiritually healthy in order to birth what God has given you. The steps that you have made to get healthy is just as important when its time to deliver. You have to remain alive and well. You can't be an unhealthy mother trying to nurse a newborn baby or lets take it further. Your baby wont live unless you are spiritually alive to take care of it.

As I listed the common complications that may happen during the birthing process due to improper care, let us touch on those aspects spiritually.

What if you were still struggling with rejection and shame and didn't know it? What if you still was battling lust and perversion and felt that it was ok? What if you had addictions that you considered was part of your normal life and believed that God will let you have a healthy birthing process while still in it? This is where you will need someone to help you detect and deal with these unhealthy habits before it is time for you to launch.

They are called midwives.

When I think of midwives I am reminded of the Hebrew midwives in the book of Exodus who refused to listen to the pharaoh's order to kill the newborn males that were born from the Hebrew women. They were advocates and intervened in a mass genocide. They knew what the environment wanted to do to these babies and they basically risked their lives helping the mothers bring their children forth.

We need those advocates! Yes, we may pray, fast, worship the Lord but who is helping us deal with the underlying issues that may kill us spiritually and will prevent us from tainting what He has given us? Who is helping us take care of what He has impregnated us with?

We need those advocates to let us know that our group of friends are unhealthy for us, that they will cause an embolism to grow in our brains and make us have pre-eclampsia!

We forget about the miracle of becoming pregnant in the first place! There are so many things naturally that it has to go through to even come into form and everyone will not be able to get pregnant. Everyone will not be able to carry a miracle. So when God gives it to you, consider the risk(s) environmentally and spiritually and pray for God to send you a midwife. Someone that will aid you through, even before you give birth. Your life depends on it.