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The Moral of the Story Is?

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved to read stories especially the ones that had a moral to the story. I would look back on what I had read and think about what was the lesson in the story, what was the author trying to teach me. Now that I am older and have come to know Christ he works in the same way, he gives us the BIBLE (Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth).


It is full of people just like you and me, people who have faced all kinds of obstacles in life. We get to see the cause and effect of the choices they made and how God responded to them in their situation. Most of what you will see are the very situations that we all encounter; even in this day in time.


If you have never read the bible I would challenge you to do so. When you read it I know you will find you somewhere in the scriptures are you a Mary; who poured out her tears for the Christ she loved or maybe Hannah; who desperately wanted a child because she was barren and tormented. Are you like Samuel; a mothers answered prayer who later in life anointed kings. Could you be David; the black sheep of the family and had to fight to get to his promise. Or maybe Solomon; blessed to be the wisest man in the world but his downfall was ungodly women. Each one called to purpose each one different circumstances but they all encountered God in their lives. Just as God loved, provided for, comforted, led and protected them he will also do that for you.

I have learned so much from reading the bible, am I an expert? No, not by any means. Me reading God's word is a continuous journey that I probably will never complete even before leaving this earth. Each time I read it, God reveals himself and me. Each scripture read is like a new journey, new knowledge, new revelation that unfolds right before my eyes.


So, you may be asking what is the moral of the bible? Christ is the moral of the story. You need him to make it through this world. Accepting Jesus and living according to his word; his will lead you to eternity with Christ, now that is the most important lesson you could ever learn.


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