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The Pain of Alignment

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Nobody tells you that saying "yes" to the will of God will cause so much pain. Aligning oneself to the Creator, although painful, has its rewards.


You all will never believe that my teeth was responsible for this weeks blog subject (lol). I love how God uses the little things to teach you life lessons or aid you in the direction that He would like for you to go.

So today's lesson is tied into me getting invisible braces. I have been wanting to get clear aligners or braces ever since God directed me to do so. When I first heard God telling me to get them I thought it was such an odd and vain request. It was about maybe five years ago God told me to straighten my teeth. I was in the position to get them at the time due to the benefits at my job , but I had other dental issues that had to be taken care of first before I got them.

The day finally came where I decided that I was going to get them! Five years later (lol). I didn't know why I felt the urgent need to do it now, but I remembered what God was telling me about my teeth. I went in for an appointment, got fitted, and was eagerly awaiting to start on my journey of aligned teeth.

Bare with me, I am going somewhere guys.

My aligners finally arrived with so much anticipation and hope that I did a dance when they arrived. I was eager to start on my journey of aligning my teeth. I opened them up, did as the instructions stated, and put those bad boys on. I then immediately wanted to take them off! (lol) But wait! These were what I've been waiting for! This is the process that I said yes to! I understood that but there was one thing. I didn't want to go through the process. So wait, I have to have these things in my mouth 22 hours a day? I can take them off but I have to brush and floss after EVERYTHING I put in my mouth? These things require so much more discipline than I was ready to commit to! I was used to doing what I wanted, when I wanted. I was also not looking forward to experiencing the pain that came few days out of the week from the pressure of the new aligner trays on my teeth. I also couldn't really eat what I wanted because the pressure made my teeth sensitive. Lord, what did I sign up for? What did I say "yes" to?

God then answered me and asked, "Didn't you pray to me to help you become more disciplined?" Yes, God I did. God then asked, "Didn't you say YES to aligning to My will and not your own?" Yes, God I did.

Getting these braces is teaching me and preparing me in ways that I never imagined. Its funny how God uses the most simplest things to answer the most deepest prayer. I've been praying for discipline with my eating. Now I am more mindful in what I eat and I am definitely not about to eat 50 million times a day and brush my teeth 50 million times a day! 3 times is enough! LOL

So I am saying all of this because some of you have said "yes" to God's will. The events that are now happening in your life appears that God is not moving or it seems that things are getting worst. Your friends may be exiting your life, your money may be getting funny, you may be getting laid off of your job, your car broke down, a family member has passed, etc. etc. etc. The pain seems to never stop. Could it be that pressure and pain is from God aligning your life to His will. Every season, like my aligner trays, applies pressure and pain. The good news is that the pain and pressure is only temporary and the process will soon be over! I have 4 months to get it right, 4 months to experience a little pain, 4 months of sticking to a new routine to ultimately get to my specific goal. I have a 3-D image of what my future teeth will look like that is equivalent to the prophesy that God has over yours.

My encouragement for you all is to continue the process! Aligning to the will of God is not easy! Endure the pain and endure the pressure. There is an expected end.

God Bless!


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