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The Puppet Master Syndrome

In the midst of a chaotic year of 2020, the unpredictability of the future through the natural eyes causes a scramble for power and control. This is a perfect recipe for the "puppet masters" to emerge. Are you the puppet or the puppet master ?


The puppet master in this context is referring to a controlling person. I am not speaking about an actual ventriloquist but the comparison of the action of it in the spirit is very similar!

Sometimes when things appear to be out of control in our lives, especially in this time of pandemic, we come to the realization that we have no control. Even if we believe in God, attend Sunday services and are active in our local ministries there arises a sense of panic and anxiety if we are not fully trusting and acting on what we say we believe.

Let us start off by breaking down the definition of the title of this blog for clarification purposes.

Puppets by definition are a movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside of it.

Master by definition is one having control

Syndrome by definition is a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality or condition.

Now that we have received clarification, we can now get into the reason for this whole blog. Some of us have to be aware and cautious of these "signs and symptoms" that may cause us to become deaf to what God would like us to do in this season.

I believe i can get through this blog without referring to the Jezebel spirit but it is the most common known controlling and manipulating spirit that we speak about from the Bible. I won't go there in this blog (lol)

I am more so trying to bring awareness of what happens when we trust our plans more than God's plans and I am also bringing awareness on the people that we may try to bring along with us, the puppets.

It is both wrong to be a puppet master or a puppet. Both lack a confidence and reassurance in the plans of God. The puppet is full of fluff, no substance, liable to move anywhere and anyway that a person may tell them to move. Puppets have no sense of direction, no goals, no aspirations and are highly dependent on a person to give them every instructions. In a sense, the puppet relies on the puppet master when there should only be one true master over our lives, and that is Jesus Christ.

You all didn't think I was going to just come for the controlling people and not the ones being controlled did you? Those allowing themselves to be controlled are just as at fault. What happened in life where you lost ambition? Where in life you decided that you were not worthy of a preplanned destiny? What were you missing in your very core and foundation?

Now I know that may have stung a bit and may not have been expected, but we have to find the core reasons in why we are not able to search out and find the path that God has laid for us. Depending on another person to tell us exactly what to do and where to go can be dangerous and detrimental.

And now there are the puppet masters....

Similar issues but definitely different approaches. What validates a puppet master is the ability to control others. They are able to sniff out the weaknesses of others. They can tell when others are full of "stuffing" and no substance. Puppet masters are very calculated which means they already have plans for your weaknesses and how it can benefit them. The core reason for the puppet masters being the way that they are is simply because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and having a deep hunger for power. Puppet masters feel as long as they have power they can do whatever they want. They feel that they have the power to control who hurts them, who can make them happy, and who can get them to where they want to go. In a nutshell, puppet masters have a hard time bending to the will of God.

The will of God has the tendency to break us down to our very core in order to follow the directions that has been laid for us. This can strongly go against what we feel and what we deem as the right way to go and do things in our eyes. If this pandemic has not taught us anything, it should have taught us that God is SOVEREIGN.

Controlling spirits are a major "no-no" in the eyes of God because it creates a God complex. It brings the allusion that you are the "master of your universe". All that God requires us is to be obedient to His will, it never relies on what we think is right. It reminds me of John 15 where Jesus describes Himself as the vine. If you are in Him and He is in you, you can ask what you want and it will be granted. That means that you are so close and connected within the will of God that what ever you ask was already planned out. This goes for everything! Whatever book, business, ministry, etc that you ask God to breath on and bless it will be done because you are already intertwined into Him. This is the solution for the deliverance from the puppet master AND the puppet. To be wrapped up into Jesus. The fruit of going through life and these next seasons as the puppet master and the puppet will be a confusing, lost and disappointing time. I recommend that we all evaluate ourselves and make sure that we are open to doing the will of God and not the will of our hands, besides God is truly the best Master.

God Bless.


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