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The Seeds We Sow- "The Bad Seeds" (part 2)

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

There is a such thing as planting "bad seeds" as much as there is planting "good ones". Are we aware of what is bad? Do we actually know what the weight is for sowing these kind of seeds? Let us explore dig a little deeper and find out what are the repercussions of sowing "bad seeds".


So now that we have laid out the framework of this blog/vlog series for the month we are aware that sowing and reaping is a law.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. (Galatians 6:7-8)

As we refer back to this passage of scripture again the 8th verse in this chapter lets you know off the bat that if we soweth with our flesh we will reap corruption. This leads me to say that the "bad seeds" are seeds sown from our flesh. We do know, or should know that there is no good thing that comes from the flesh. Our flesh is so wishy washy! We can be nice minute and mean the next. It does what it feels is right in any given moment. What the flesh wants is not exactly what God wants.

To recap a little from the last blog we found out that, from the first chapter of Genesis, God made it a point to state that the seeds produce every one of its kind that are sown. Whatever "bad seed" sown will produce harvest that is not pleasing.

The definition of Harvest is :

The process or period of gathering in crops, gathered in a single season.

This does not specify how long you could be reaping from a bad seed that have been sown. We can't equivalent our seasons, which is typically 4 months, long to the seasons of God. The duration of God's seasons are not timed or calculated on our terms, but are calculated on God's terms for the betterment of our process.

The bad seeds that can be sown are:

Anger, Fear, Retaliation, Pain, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Poverty, Jealousy, Violence, and etc.

These are seeds. Not just emotions, personalities, and life circumstances. They had an origin. The harvest from these types of seeds would be identified as having weeds in your garden! Most weeds are not even attractive! They give off a bad odor when chopped down, and they choke the life out of the good and pretty plants that have grown. They take up unnecessary space! If we think about our mind as a garden, how many weeds are growing up there from unnecessary seeds that have been planted by others? Some bad seeds are even sown and they produce nothing! No weeds but we benefit zero from what others are planting.

A bad seed as a person is regarded as bad or corrupt by nature and liable to have a harmful influence on other people. That means we have to be careful speaking aka planting seeds aka words out into the Earth. Like I indicated in the last blog, we will reap it. Who wants to reap a gang of weeds? They have no use!

Some of you may even wonder, "Well I never personally planted any seeds that produced weeds in my garden, how did they get there?"

When you think of the dandelions that come up every spring, they appear to be beautiful little yellow flowers. THEN eventually they turn into these white balls of cotton and blow every single where irritating sinuses and everybody! LOL. What that deceptive little weed flower did was turn into a ball of "bad seeds" that eventually will float into everyone's garden and plant themselves in the ground. The wind moved them there! There will be some people that come into our lives quickly and before you know it they have planted weeds into our minds. It happens! But thank God that He has the weed killer solution! If the soil is not treated, if your mind is not treated with the word of God you will have seasons of reaping from this harvest of "bad seeds".

These planting of these bad seeds are not just a one time deal! The harvest can be for a season, or it can be generational. All from one tiny seed the size of a mustard seed. Isn't that the amount of Faith we need to move a mountain? The size of a mustard seed? Something to think about right?

As powerful as it is to have a seed of Faith shows you pretty much in comparison how powerful a bad seed can have. I just had to paint that picture really quick!

I could write a whole book and dive into the logistics of each bad seed, but I feel that we KNOW when we are not planting healthy seeds because our minds, environments, and emotions become unhealthy. If we are experiencing these types of symptoms its always good to go back and see what weeds are choking out our gifting's, our anointing, and most importantly our peace. I pray that we are inspecting what we allow and what our actions are producing. We could be reaping weeds longer than we expect to.

Let the healing begin!

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