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The Seeds We Sow- Uprooting the Bad Seeds and Planting the Good (Part 3)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Healing comes with learning from past mistakes. Now that the seeds have been identified, are there things that need to be dug up? What seeds are needed to be planted for the progression of your purpose?


Throughout this series we have identified that sowing and reaping is indeed a law. What God has designed when it comes to seed time and harvest is final. There is no getting around the origin of how God has designed this system since the beginning of time.

Last blog we spoke about the bad seeds, what are the good seeds that are imperative for your purpose and for a prosperous and healthy life?

If you sow mercy, you will obtain mercy. If you sow love, you will get love. If you sow forgiveness you will get forgiveness. Let me add to this mix, if you forgive QUICKLY you will be forgiven QUICKLY. We can also sow into the amount and speed of a harvest (whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly , and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully). That is a different perspective that I have not thought of before! My God!

The thing about these good seeds and how they tie in is that they produce the sweet tasting, beautiful harvest that is needed in this world. The kind of fruit that will bring nourishment and produce even more healthy vessels. If you think about seeds from a plant, most of them you can replant and produce another plant life. Remember the focus that I pointed out in the other blog's on the perfect design of Gods creations in the beginning of Genesis. Every seed produced one of its kind. We want these good seeds to spread and to produce more of "this kind" so that more of God's glory can be manifested on the Earth. Good plants help spread God's will throughout the Earth. Bad seeds produce weeds and poison that may try to stop God's will throughout the Earth. Keyword is "try". God's will always will prevail.

So you may have planted bad seeds and now the weeds have shown up. How do you uproot and make room for fruitful nourishing seeds?

The things about when seeds are planted we don't know exactly where they land. They can sprout and spread like wild fire! There is no way to uproot all, so hence the journey of trying to make things right and make sure in the process we plant the "good" seeds.

Remember I spoke about the book of Genesis? A perfect example of bad seed planting! It started with Adam and Eve with the seed of sin/lust planted in the garden, then a seed of jealousy followed by murder planted by Cain in so much that the blood of his brother Abel cried out to God. The Bible is full of what happens when a bad seed is planted! It has obviously been a battle to rectify the problem, or uproot the weeds hence the reason for Jesus to enter into the scene. God was not going to flood the earth again like the days of Noah so now the healthy harvest and the bad harvest has to grow together until God does the plucking up and separating (Matthew 13:30)

So again, how do we uproot and make room for fruitful nourishing seeds? Well I ran across an article that explained how to permanently remove perennial weeds from paths. This was good to me! Perennial weeds are weeds that grow back every year in the same season. The only way to permanently get rid of them is to make sure your path is clean and without dirt! My Lord! Even the neatest garden paths look weathered and unkept when there are perennial weeds growing!

So the solution looks like that a clear path has to be kept! Good seeds grow where they are suppose to grow, bad seeds grow in places that will have you look unkept in the spirit! Jesus will always be the lamp to your feet and the light to your pathway but wouldn't it be easier if we took the effort to make sure the path is clear from weeds due to bad seed planting?

Allow the word to be the water that keeps your path clean so that future bad seeds have no room to grow on our paths to destiny and the other ones will have no environment to grow and repeat itself in the next seasons.

I pray that this series has blessed you and that you have become more aware of the seriousness of what we plant in people and in atmospheres. What God gives us is never just about us, but is needed also for others to grow in Him. Take heed and be mindful of what you plant.

God Bless.

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