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The Timing of God

The hardest thing to understand about God is His timing. Not only does our wants become a non-factor in His plan but our emotions don't matter either.


God's timing. The hardest thing to figure out and the hardest thing to understand. Time belongs to Him and it is nothing that we can do about it. We can pout, scream, roll on the floor, run around a room a million times and if something is not in the timing of God, none of that makes anything come to pass sooner.

The blessing in God's time is that it is perfect. It is just the way that it is supposed to be. I read in an article that:

For us, God's timing often feels like a long, desperate delay. God's perfect timing does two things: It grows our faith as we are forced to wait and trust in God and it makes certain that He, and He alone, gets the glory and praise for pulling us through. "My times are in Your hands ..." Psalm 31:15

Even reading the book of Psalms you see that in between David's cries to God for help ultimately turns into learning patience and seeing the purpose of waiting on God. David's psalms comes to the conclusion when waiting, that God is good and can be trusted. The battles won comes out in favor to David and in return gives God glory.

There are things learned while waiting. Valuable lessons that not only teach us that everything comes out better when we don't take things into our own hands but waiting brings us closer to God, but how do you deal with the discomforts waiting on God's timing?

If you have any history in your relationship with God, you can often reflect on the what happened when you allowed God to handle and also prepare you for whatever it is that He promised. Sometimes we may even let out a sigh of relief or a prayer of "thank you!" because we did wait on God and saw the consequences if we decided to take on things within or own power.

The mistakes that we made going against God's timing should ultimately teach us and lead us to appreciate His sovereignty. I can even say today, I understand FULLY why marriage is not a GAME and should be done in God's timing but I had to bump my big head to find that out. (lol)

Let us talk about what is going on into today's world. The sequence of events currently going in the world would lead us to believe that time has to be taken in our own hands if we are to do what God has told us to do. What if I told you that preparation is still in order and fits so perfectly with God's timing. I would even say that its even a requirement to enjoy and have peace in the blessing! But we get so flustered about the "delay" that we feel that it is a "denial". If you are doing your part as instructed by God and not our calendar, what is promised is sure to come!

Let me even add this tidbit to this conversation, I believe the reason we even have a time scale or frame is because of what our eyes have fixated on. Who told you that you were behind or that there was an age or timeframe to accomplish things? It is so easy to compare our lives to others that are our same age, race, and gender. If someone has children by 30, I feel that I should have children by 30. If someone makes their first million dollars before 40, I should have my first million dollars before 40, "everyone" is getting married and finding love before 35, I am surely due for a husband or wife by now (lol). I laugh because if we are to be honest we allow people to set these things up in our mind. When did we ever consult God on when the right time would be for us?

I can even put another tidbit into this conversation and ask why isn't it enjoyable to just enjoy "the middle"?, as I call it. I am learning that "the middle" is the most enjoyable part of the journey. Its the learning, growing, and discovery stages that we will ultimately miss when we get what we kicked and screamed over. Yes, I know everyone is not there where Jesus becomes enough not just in the meantime but enough anytime. I wrote down on a post-it next to my desk awhile ago and said

" Father, you are not my until but my always".

My love wont change and my choice of Him being top priority and my reason won't change because I stepped into what He promised. I believe a lot of times that is the point of how God's timing works. He waits to see how truly devoted we are to Him in our hearts. On that same post-it I also wrote:

"Even in His molding, its something about knowing and feeling that God is near"

If I had a choice of waiting and then promise fulfilled and never hearing from my Father again. I would abort mission!

So to end this blog I want to say, enjoy "the middle". God's timing is so much deeper than just simply waiting. Its a learning incubator in order for you to grow in God and to ultimately achieve that prize which is Him!

Will you now enjoy the timing of God?

I hope so!

God Bless!