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There is Something About EVE

The woman is definitely something of great value to God. The intricate design and thought put into "her" by God will have you pursue your life and purpose as a woman with a higher degree of confidence like never before. Let us dive into the making of EVE.


I believe I found myself writing a blog about Adam and Eve last year around the same time .( If you have yet to read "The Adam and Eve Experience" click on the hyperlink.)

It is about that time for Valentines day to make its appearance yet again. This is the time of year where women feel lonely and self reflection starts to settle in. We start to think of reasons why we are single and even start to ask God "where is he?" lol. I am not saying that all single women think this way, but there are a lot.

As God had me in prayer for this month, He brought me to a scripture in Genesis. I have stated before that God has been dealing with me about the beginning and the original intent of God's plan. So basically I have been hanging out in the garden of Eden for awhile (insert smile). God had me praying for my future spouse and the next day He pointed me to Genesis 2:22 which states in the CSB bible:

"Then the Lord God made the rib he had taken from the man into a woman and brought her to the man ."

The verse seems simple enough right? God will bring a woman to a man. In that order. We all were told or should have been told as young women that God will bring us in front of the man that is suitable for us, not us bring ourselves to who we feel is suitable for us. Ladies! this is proof that we don't shoot our shot! I wont get to deep into this on this blog entry, but I would like to get into the specifics of Eve which pretty much describes today's woman.

As I was reading and studying Genesis 2:22, I went into the commentary and it states that:

God lovingly addressed Adam's need, creating a woman out of Adam's ribs. God formed Adam ; He fashioned (made into a particular or the required form) Eve. God then brought her to the man. Just like Adam, then, Eve had a relationship with God before she had a relationship with her spouse. (Tony Evans Study Bible)

So where was Eve again before she was placed with her spouse? You read correctly, she was with God. I find it interesting that God was done forming everything on the Earth when He rested before Eve came about. Eve did not have to come to existence because she existed with God first. God only had to FASHION her to fit into Adams life.

Let me bring this into perspective. Women, are you with God? If not, this is the first place you should be. It is the starting point and foundation of a marriage. The starting point before you can ever be seen, detected, or even before the man for you is aware that he needs you.

If Adam did not need Eve, or if God felt as if Adam did not need Eve, He would not have attempted to fashion her for him. She could have simply stayed in her place with God.

I know this could be a little heavy for a lot of you that are waiting for the day for the man of your dreams to get down on that knee and make a promise to connect his life to yours but there has to be order.

1. You have to be with God
2. You have to be fashioned first.

Okay, you are with God and you have a strong relationship with the Father. Are you allowing God to take His time with you? To prepare you for your help meet? Are you rushing the fashioning process? The definition states that fashioned is to make into a particular or the required form. Let us put some weight on the "required form" for a minute. Moving before you are fashioned means that the requirement needed for your help meet is not met. When you join with this person out of season something becomes lacking. You will not be able to perform at the highest level of your servitude to your spouse.

Ladies, I am sure we all have been there. We have dated and made commitments with men that were not what we were fashioned for. In fact, they weren't even looking for us let alone could identify that we are their help meets.

Adam identified Eve with confidence and assurance that she was his.

I don't want to stay long into the relationship part but I know its something that a lot of woman long for. I want to emphasis the point that Eve was so important to God that He was careful to not release her to anyone.

I believe so much that the Lord could have kept Eve with Him and it would have been alright with Eve. If we as women could only understand how valuable we are to God, we wouldn't put up with so much. We wouldn't have to audition and parade around men because of the value that God has placed in our lives. He loves his daughters. Which is why in a marriage ceremony the giving away of the bride symbolizes what happened in the garden of Eden. The Father gives away His daughter to someone He knows is suitable for who He has held dear to His heart. He is confident that He can protect her and give her what she needs.

I pray that reading this blog will give you a sense of pride in being a single woman or just a woman in general. Knowing how important we are to God and how careful and gentle He is with us should empower us to value ourselves just the same. We are a precious jewel that should be handled with care and not to be taken by anyone that comes along but only handled by who we are fashioned for.

God Bless


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