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Time to Exhale

In a time where it seems that everything is not going as planned, it would be natural to "hold our breath". In the exhale is what we need to go on, in the exhale is what we need to give us strength. There are benefits of exhaling.


The title of this blog is actually part of a personal season. I didn't know if this was something God wanted me to share but He has confirmed that it is indeed something for me to share especially in this time.

So one of my favorite movies is "Waiting to Exhale". The movie in a nutshell, you have four women with men issues that in the end found out that they just needed to forgive, find their worth, and love themselves more. They thought their "exhale" would be found in someone but their exhale was found in embracing them, flaws and all.

As many women, I related to the movie so well. Especially Bernie's story. The roller coaster of emotions that come with a blindsided divorce and the emotional maturity gained afterwards.

This year I found out that it is time to exhale.

While doing my research on the blog topic, I found some interesting information!

In one article it states that:

Blowing air out stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS governs the relaxation response that combats stress and enables us to relax, digest nutrients, express ourselves, heal, and recover from trauma and injuries

My God! So with that being said, how much damage have we done to ourselves spiritually by not exhaling? How much healing are missing? It appears exhaling prepares the body for a forward journey.

The article also states that:

Although subtle, our breathing habits play a crucial role in our health. Breathing affects every single system of the body, so it makes sense that our breathing patterns would strongly influence our well-being. Poor breathing habits, such as shallow, chest breathing and holding our breath insidiously can wreak havoc and have been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety, lack of energy, poor posture, and low back and neck injuries.

Think of all of this spiritually. When we are not willing to let go, exhale, we are causing pain and wreaking havoc to our souls.

For years others would tell me to let go. I didn't understand what that meant. I would get angry because I thought I did let go, I thought I did exhale, but the physical and spiritual evidence proved otherwise. I was holding my breath or breathing shallow.

How many of us are in pain because we refuse to let go of pain? How many of us have allowed purpose to remain stagnant because we refuse to let go of that last disappointment? We become afraid to move forward with confidence. We want to move, but there seems to be something holding us back. Its because we refuse to let go.

The benefits of exhaling and letting go allows you to let go of the opinion of others and put yourself as a priority for the sake of God's purpose. God wants a healthy vessel. In fact, He is calling for that strongly in this season.

As I described the women in the "Waiting to Exhale" movie, they learned to not care anymore what others thought of their choices and them moving forward. This letting go caused them to become stronger. Its never easy to let go, but we have to. Just like exhaling. Sometimes it may hurt to breath out, but we have to let it go. It is for our benefit, It is for the health of our soul, it is for the health of our purpose. Others are waiting for us to exhale.

God Bless


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