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Walls! How Many of Us Have Them?

As we go through some bad life experiences in our lives, we start to build barriers as a way to protect ourselves. What we may view as protection may ultimately be what keeps us away from what our heart truly desires and cause us to walk through this God given life alone.


Walls, how many of us have them? And in addition, how many of us are letting them get in the way of what our heart truly desires out of fear of getting hurt? Walls isolate us, keeps us away from bright sunny places. The walls that we put up in our lives are caused by us allowing people to disappoint us. I could have just simply said, the walls that we put up in our lives are caused by people disappointing us but the truth is that we do allow people to disappoint us with high expectations that we invested in the individual(s) in the first place.

I watched a series that Pastor John Hannah preached on a week back entitled “Guarded” it blessed me because it caused me to check to see if I have any barriers that prevented me from moving forward. If any wall that I may have constructed would have been after my divorce. To go through a lifelong intended commitment and to have it fail could have indeed constructed a wall between me and what I desire, which is to ultimately get married again and raise a family. I could have went through life not wanting to trust anyone, angry and bitter but I allowed God to do the healing. I acknowledged my part, my responsibility for the demise of the union and I strived to make sure I became a better person for the next relationship.

If I would have held on and became bitter about the situation I would have went through life putting potential partners/friendships/work relationships on probation and trying to “break down” the other person to see how much they could take to ensure they would stay. In other words, trying to see if that person would climb over the wall that I have and still allow me to still keep the wall with no intentions of tearing it down while the possibility and dangers of the other person getting hurt is there. Let us stop with the mission of “getting that person before they get us” mentality. It will pull you into isolation! We can shout and thank God for what He is doing in our lives but still do all of that behind a wall.

There is good news for you wall constructors! According to Pastor John Hannah, God will send people to you that are on assignment to see beyond your walls see your destiny, see your purpose, see your potential, and see the promises of God that is on your life and will stick with you just to let you know that God is not done with you yet! They will see and guide you to your destiny and show you that you deserve to be happy, you deserve to love again, and you deserve to be treated the way you are supposed to be treated. “Your latter shall be greater!”- Pastor John Hannah.

Let us start tearing down that wall brick by brick, start planning your demolition day today!


Editors note: This was my very first blog written August 2016! God is amazing!

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