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What Are You Looking For?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We have approached the season where our motives and desires have to be evaluated. What are you looking for? Where are you looking? and more importantly WHY are you looking ? The importance to know what is behind the "what" we are looking for definitely will paint out the path we have before us.


I call this season truly the season of a strong pursuit of purpose. I believe the pandemic has put a lot of us in the perspective that we don't have time to waste. We have seen those that have lost their lives quickly and unexpectedly. Not only by the virus, but by other things that has been happening in the Earth. This shows us that we can't calculate every thing. What we want to happened may not be necessarily what God wants to happen.

I want us to really start looking at what is truly behind what we are looking for. Sometimes we can be in pursuit or in a search for so long that we forget the original intent. We may even forget if we sought God in the original search. What sparked the search in you to pursue a career, a business, education, marriage besides your surface needs? Outside of wanting to be educated, to be successful, to have a companion what was the reason?

I am saying all of this because out of everything that we are looking for there has to be a divine reason. God has to be in the mist of what you are looking for. Here is a challenge for you all ;

The next time you want to do something simply ask God why you are doing it. You are then inviting Him in your situation and in your process. You are inviting Him into your life. Then you are giving Him permission to focus your wants and desires according to the path and purposes He has for you. I almost wanted to entitle this piece "Why are you looking for what you are looking for" but I believe it is importance first to know the what.

Are we looking for what makes a whole? What makes us look and feel successful? What makes us feel accepted? These are all things that being in the presence of God does.

So with that being said, what you are looking for should be attached to purpose. Your eyes are made to seek out the things of a God given purpose. The reason that you may want marriage is because what God has given you for your life, you will need help!

The reason you may need to go back to school is because there are tools that you need that will lead you into your purpose and ministry, etc. I really could go on and on.

I posted a podcast episode recently entitled "Less is More" basically stating that what you are looking for may not be required in order to fulfill purpose. Who want's to do extra work, or spend an astronomical amount of money and then come to find out that its not really needed OR you may have underestimated the planning needed and the amount of money needed so so may have spent to little on something.

These things happen when we don't consult with God.

So while we are in this season of what seems to be uncertainty. I call it the season of the "Seek". We should always consult God in any season, but I believe there is a certain level of hunger REQUIRED in order to flourish in purpose. The kind of seek where He gives you directions that will not have you toil and in pain while pursuing the promise. I believe I have said it before that a promise can seem like a curse if we don't maintain our closeness with God. We have to seek God for EVERY single detail in our lives. Some may call it being "too deep" but I call it wisdom. He created a world that I don't know the in's and out's of. Its in those moments where we think we have it all figured out that prompts a lesson from God that will take us deeper.

So again, What are you looking for? Why are you looking for it?

I pray that this self evaluation will lead you to peace and joy as you walk WITH him on the path of purpose and not AHEAD of Him.

God bless

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