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When God Stops Giving You Butterflies

We all love the blessings of God, but will we still love God when He appears He stops blessing us? Or appears He is not for us? With the depth of God comes a deeper relationship. The butterflies will soon fade and what you are truly destined to be is in the making when you proceed in the acts of loving Him.


This topic for this week’s blog sent chills down my spine. My ears started to pick up countless people stating how much they love when God blesses them. My mind immediately equated the feeling of butterflies in the stomach when a relationship is new and fresh. What happens when that fresh feeling wears off? What happens when that person stops doing the things that made you “fall in love” in the first place? I put fall in love in quotations because love is nothing that should be fallen into. It’s not an accident and it doesn’t “just happen”. Love is an action word which requires work. It embodies countless numbers of selfless acts that are done unconditionally.  I should rephrase that question, “What happens when that person stops doing the things that made you “dance in a flying group of butterflies” in the first place?” That’s better. Butterflies are beautiful and are very attractive to look at, but they will eventually fly away.

The chills were sent down my spine in thinking about this topic because I believe a lot of us are like that with God. We love the butterflies He gives us and we neglect Him when they are no longer felt. When we no longer receive the blessings we once got, as fast as we were receiving them in the beginning. Could it be those butterflies you felt were the start of waters beginning to wave up on the inside of you? In the book of John 7:38 it states,

“In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”

In the beginning of our Salvation, when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we surrendered because we thirsted after Him and the water in our bellies started to move in such a way that it felt like butterflies. This is the Holy Spirit stirring inside of us.  We love the feeling of the stirring but don’t want to require the work to love God by refilling ourselves with worship, prayer, fasting, and service.

In our natural relationship’s we tend to end things with people because it doesn’t give us that “feeling”. We rely on that person doing more for us than we want to do for them. We want them to make us feel whole, fill our emptiness, fill our insecurities. Why do we leave, neglect, forget God when He stops giving us these things that makes us “feel good”? When the butterflies fade this is where growth and maturity steps in. We want to stay in the butterfly feeling phase naturally and spiritually because WE like it, WE want it, WE need it, and its easy! But there is no growth! Growth in God are what you do in times when He doesn’t seem like He is there. When you cant trace Him you pray to Him and get in His word, and if He Doesn’t Bless you, you still worship Him, and if He doesn’t elevate you like you want Him to you praise Him! You do these things because you love Him. The butterfly feeling is carnal. Do we only want God to give us what pleases our flesh or do we want God because He is that He is and that is God? He has so much for us if we just partake in the acts of loving Him. We should never move simply for what He does for us and how He makes us feel. He chastises the one’s He love he doesn’t just bless the one’s He loves. Whatever season that God may have you in, the butterflies are probably long and gone, but that doesn’t mean you stop now. It doesn’t mean He left you, it doesn’t mean He forgot about you. It means He wants to take you higher. Let Him, by loving Him His way.

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