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Where Did the Passion Go?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

What if our next level is right behind what is distracting us? Can you detect what is distracting you?


There was a time where I had such a fervency for God’s presence. Don’t get me wrong I still experience it, but it wasn’t the same intensity like before.

Every night I looked forward to going into my room around 9 pm to bombard heaven with my worship and prayers. I became addicted to it. But as soon as I started dating, the fervency turned into convenient prayer time until rocky roads were faced.

I then realized that He was trying to pull me into a deeper level. A level that I was afraid to enter because it was past what I could analyze or put together. It was past my comfort level and natural level of expertise. I was no longer a baby anymore; it was time to share in the process and battle the “devils” for the new levels as often the Christian church states.

But what are the devils? The devils are purely opposition. Just as Jesus faced many oppositions through out all 33 years of His life, it was all for God’s purpose which was greater than we could ever imagine. The purpose set out to save the world.

Do I want to go into this deeper place? Yes, if only it means that I can stay in His presence. Nothing is worse than not being able to feel my Father, so I will do what is required of me so that I won’t be separated from Him, not even just a little bit.

Are you that hungry?

Not for fame, fortune, notoriety, a spouse

But for Him?

Is the passion gone because you have made temporary things more of a priority than God?

Having a spouse was important to me. That idolatry of marriage started to creep on me again while at the same time being able to tap into God’s presence was creeping away.

The silence…UNBEARABLE!

So, what do we do?

Pick the conversation up with His long love letter that He left for us. All 66 books of it!

Reading and studying the Bible will allow you to get back into the secret place where you left off at when you had the fervency.

To make it plain…when it seems as though your passion has left the building, that means its time to find the reasons why you loved Him in the first place. Think about the good times you had with Him, yes. But also think about how many times He has saved you and been there in the midst of the most troubling times. Remember how He was there all along. Remember and acknowledge that without Him you would not exist. Remember because He is just simply God all by Himself.

Fall back in love with your Creator. Life is not worth living without Him.

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