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Where Is There?

What are you in a rush to get to in life? Where is exactly there? We will never accurately find "there" until we discover who we are and where God wants us.


Now the topic of this blog came about from a conversation with my sister. One of those good ole' conversations that takes you further on a brain and Jesus journey (insert smile). I expressed that I had no intentions of getting "nowhere fast", but said out loud, "Where is actually there? and why is there so much of a rush to get there?" All I knew in that conversation is that wherever "there" was, I didn't want to be there without God.

There defined is:

:in, at, or to that place or position.

and interestingly enough it also means

:fully conscious, rational, or aware

So let me reword the question with the definition,

Where are the places and positions you are trying to go and reach and where is the space of consciousness, rational and awareness are you trying to reach?

These questions sound like they need the aid and assistance from God, correct? But, what happens often is that we try to get "there" on our own and in our own strengths. The places, positions, state of consciousness, rationales, and awareness. "There" in our minds, aspirations, and wishes may not be the "there" that God had in mind.

Hearing this may be heartbreaking for those that are dead set on things going the way that has always been planned. When things don't happen how we have planned and we hear that it is indeed not the plan of God we subconsciously believe that our plan was much better. Could it be that our plans are flesh and worldly induced and not sought out by the Holy ghost? Uh-oh!

What feels good and appears to be a successful and can be looked on as being successful does not mean that it counts as a win for God. Imagine gaining 100 points for the Earth and 0 from God. That doesn't count as a win or success in my book nor in the best book in the world, the Bible.

I am reminded of Saul, the first king of Israel in the Bible when I go on about trying to get to a destination without God. It was indeed God that put Saul in his position and at the same time how quickly Saul forgot. Allow me to mention a few passages of scripture to dig deeper into the point:

Then the Lord said to Samuel, “I am sorry that I ever made Saul king, for he has not been loyal to me and has refused to obey my command.” Samuel was so deeply moved when he heard this that he cried out to the Lord all night. (1 Samuel 15: 10-11)

Then Saul admitted to Samuel, “Yes, I have sinned. I have disobeyed your instructions and the Lord’s command, for I was afraid of the people and did what they demanded. But now, please forgive my sin and come back with me so that I may worship the Lord.”

But Samuel replied, “I will not go back with you! Since you have rejected the Lord’s command, he has rejected you as king of Israel.”

As Samuel turned to go, Saul tried to hold him back and tore the hem of his robe. And Samuel said to him, “The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to someone else—one who is better than you. And he who is the Glory of Israel will not lie, nor will he change his mind, for he is not human that he should change his mind!” (1 Samuel 15:24-29)

Oh how I wanted someone to go and ask Saul if it was indeed worth it to do and move on his own best interest? And I ask the same to whoever is reading and hearing this blog right at this moment, do you really think it is worth it to move on your own best interest? To move on your own hearts desires without consulting with God? Is that the "there" you think is best for you? Saul's "there" got Him stripped from the kingdom of Israel, will your "there" get you stripped from the kingdom of God? Whew!

God anointed Saul as King and God has anointed us with gifts, callings, and assignments. Wouldn't He be the one to point out where "there" is and how to get there? We have to make sure that we don't mix up our "there" with God's "there". Totally different directions and most of the times totally different motives. Most of our "there's" are for the pleasures of the flesh (money, fame, fortunes) and God's "there's" are solely for the feeding, healing, and aiding of others entirely.

So I ask again, Where is there? Where is your there? One comes with peace and the other a gamble with the enemy. I pray and hope that it comes with God and His blessings. I pray and hope that it is the reason for the late night work, the studying, and the prayers and the fasting. My favorite beatitude out of the Bible is "Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8). I pray that we all pursue our there with a pure heart and that is when we will see God in everything we do.

God Bless