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Who is Birthing Your Baby?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

We may know for certain that God promised "it", but what lengths will we go through to "make sure" it happens?


As I planned on not speaking or writing today because God had not downloaded anything into my spirit for this Monday, BAM! here comes a revelation Saturday evening. A reminder that God never works on our schedule or considers it to be a factor (lol).

Anyways, He brought me back to Genesis this time focusing on Abram, Sarai and Hagar. I was listening to a teaching Saturday night regarding this particular point in scripture when the fact that Hagar was Egyptian jumped out at me. Anytime Egypt is explained in the Bible it is a representative of a world system. Biblical Egypt was always known as a place of great innovation, latest technology, artistry, fashion etc, just like the world today. Egypt was fascinating and fast paced.

I thought about Sarai's disbelief that a child would come through her and Abrams promise that God made to Him in Genesis 15:4 where God specifically told Abram that a child will come from his body:

"Then behold the word of the Lord came to him saying, 'This man Eliezar will not be your heir but he who shall come from your own body shall be your heir' "

God was specific in His promise down to the detail. It left no room for any other interpretation but Sarai, oh Sarai. She decided to take these matters into her own hand. She completely gave up on what God had promised unless it came by means of her assisting. That was not in God's directions Sarai girl. lol

Her abilities and God's promises clashed. Isn't this why faith is important and imperative when walking into the plans God has for us?

Sarai's unbelief led her to put the weight of it coming to past on an Egyptian maid. I think you know where I am going at this point. As I clearly defined Egypt's representation, Sarai depended on someone from the world to birth out the promises of God.

What made Sarai go to such lengths? Hopelessness? Unbelief? Anxiousness?

This definitely breeds the recipe of control and manipulation. Some of us know the story of what happened. Sarai gave Abram to Hagar as a wife and she bore Abram a son named Ishmael. The drama started when Hagar "looked with contempt" at Sarai after she had conceived. Sarai then went to Abram and told him about Hagar and how she looked at her with "disrespect". Abram then told Sarai to deal with Hagar as she please which led to Sarai treating her so badly that Hagar fled. Hagar came back after having encounter with the Lord and she eventually gave birth to Ishmael. God then established a covenant with Abram, his name was changed to Abraham and not to long after the promise came to pass. Sarah has a son named Isaac.

So the drama didn't stop! Sarah went to Abraham and told him to send Hagar and the child out because she was not going to allow Ishmael to take Isaacs inheritance.


We have to be careful going to these desperate lengths to orchestrate and create a way to bring a promise to pass because of our own understanding and our calendar and time table. Look at all the drama that went forth when Sarah invited the world to have a hand in bringing forth her baby! Then, when the promise comes we have issues and repercussions from what we forced. Those consequences wont go away! We have to be careful to not partner with the world in God's promises for our life. We are in the world and not of the world. Partnering means we take in the values and beliefs into what is suppose to be holy and set apart. This is not referring to just ministry but everything that God has shown us we can have.

So, who is birthing your baby? Your business, your ministry, your ideas, your creativity, your products. Allowing to much of the world's hands into a God plan is dangerous.

Allowing the world to instruct you on how to display and operate the gift is deadly spiritually speaking.

I know it is hard to allow God to work out the kinks and timing of His promises, and most of the time the kinks our us. BUT when it comes to a "baby" a thing that has to be nurtured and handled with care, only God knows how to handle it and when it will come into fruition. Don't force it and don't let the world influence its arrival.

God Bless!